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Maloney's have partnered with Daikin to become a Sustainable Home Centre. Our new showroom has now opened in Epsom and showcases a core range of renewable heating and hybrid solutions, as well as air purification solutions too. 

Our training facility will open mid October and will be designed to help installers obtain the skills they need to install and maintain innovative modern low-carbon technologies that reduce environmental impact.

Course dates to be announced

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Daikin Sustainable Home Centre​


Homeowners across the nation are looking for a more eco-friendly home heating solution. The Sustainable Home Network programme offers a tailored solution for businesses of all sizes – no matter where you are on your renewable heating journey.

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Hybrid: Sustainability made simple

A hybrid heat pump offers you and your customers much more than a standard boiler replacement – it promises sustainability made simple

Join our hybrid heat pump event to understand how you can offer your customers a more sustainable alternative to a combi boiler replacement this winter. Even in a boiler breakdown situation, a hybrid heat pump can offer a speedy and sustainable alternative to a combi replacement.

With a Hybrid heat pump, your customers could save £800 on their running costs, reducing their gas use by 69% and cutting their carbon footprint by 1.2 tonnes of carbon a year. So it’s the perfect solution to help them on their sustainability journey.

Join our hybrid event and discover:
› How you can improve your earnings AND save your customers money
› Why it’s quick and easy to install hybrid heat pumps instead of combis or system boilers
› What a hybrid heat pump looks like up close
› When you can get trained - one of day training is all you need!
› Daikin product specialists will be on hand to answer all your questions.
We’ll even provide free food and treat you to some Daikin merchandise!!

Come along to our hybrid heat pump event to understand more about how installing a hybrid heat pump this winter can help both you and your customer.

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